The Price of Admission

Arizona, Near Phoenix
Arizona, Near Phoenix


First, I would like to start off by saying, I had some car trouble recently and this guy that showed up was GREAT! They treated me right and Towed my car to a shop so i could get it fixed. Please if you are in south Texas and find yourself stranded on the side of the road give these guys a call; Isidro was a very nice man.

Ok so, now we have covered many topics on this blog, I want to get in to another one. College is a very difficult thing to talk about these days with many schools going straight for sales and trying to get as much of a students money as possible, it is very difficult to say if you should look to college after high school. I personally, would not have changed a thing. Yes, I built up just a ton of student loans; roughly $150,000.00 in loans over 5 years through both online and ground campus. I have learned a lot and i would not change that.

I can say that i am a better person today because of the education i have received. This is not to say that anyone else’s experience will be the same as mine in fact, I talk to many people with a degree like mine and they say it was a complete waste of time; I do not feel this way. My psychology degree has opened my mind to so many different things that I can honestly say it has improved my life 10 fold. I was a very troubled youth, My father killed himself when I was very young.

We each deal with many difficulties through life and  I am quite sure that plenty of other people had a more difficult childhood than me. You should be prepared if you intent to go to college however. If you know off the bat you are going to owe a lot of money, it makes things a little easier, and if you truly believe in what you are going to learn will benefit either yourself or people in general. I very much like to help other people, I knew I wanted to be the reason that someone learned to live another day.

I am so against suicide that it really upsets me when other talk about it, as though they could take their own life. I know the destruction it wrought on my life and I would not wish that pain on another person as long as I live. Sorry I got a little off track. There are many good schools to go to and you should really look in to them! In the first place make sure they have Regional Accreditation, this is the highest you can attain in the U.S. and you can be sure that your education will be worth it.

I went to a school that wanted Regional accreditation very badly and they thought they needed to be particular in their admissions process in order to raise their bar. This is a very big mistake, I went to this school for the program, not the accreditation. They however did not appreciate the work i put forth and in to my learning. I have a learning disability, I must study 3 or 4 times harder than others and i still score badly on tests, I am not a very good test taker. I learn through experience best, putting to use the skills i have learned in class.

I do not know why but i retain very little of what I read. It is as if it goes in one eye and out the other. I started in an online atmosphere and this was a great school, first and foremost they taught me how to interpret my learning habits. They taught me how to maximize my learning potential and push for the gold. My masters level classes were about learning techniques, I have noticed that people who have not done their masters think that all masters courses are the same, they are not. I had a friend who went in to therapy with an educational background. If you do not learn the techniques you will not succeed.

I had an employer that kept telling me with a masters you can do any job, it does not matter. This was a very smart guy for the most part, but he did not understand several things. In my opinion college is worth every bit of time and money you spend in it, if you go to learn. If you go to party, you may as well not go past your Associates. I hope that this discussion has helped some of you decide if you will go to college or not, I implore you to please; Have your head on straight and go to learn. It will also help you to look at it as an investment in yourself. You learn some valuable skills in college that should not be taken lightly. Whatever you learn, apply it to other facets of your life also.