The Season of Change

Pennsylvania Back Roads
Pennsylvania Back Roads

First of all, I want to say i am sorry for not posting sooner, There has been an illness in my family. Things are a little hectic at this point in time, although things are getting better. My step-father was looking at possible lung cancer and Cirrhosis and turned out to be only cirrhosis, Thank the lord; however bad cirrhosis is. Yes it is still bad however, i think we can all agree; Things can always be worse.

Most people say that Autumn is the season of Change as things go from green to the many different colors signifying that things are turning from life to death. I however, feel that Winter is the season of Change because it is there that we see the death or hibernation of life. The true adaptation of life to deal with the foreboding cold of Winter.

This like all of my posts as you can imagine is going to adapt in to a life lesson. The will of life to adapt and overcome change is what life is all about. I hear people day after day complaining about the lack of jobs, when I see an over abundance of work postings from companies hiring. If you do not have the skills to do what is necessary then perhaps you should learn something about what it is that will help you change.

I have been lucky to some extent in life, I have almost always had a job and looked forward to a career. The career thing has somewhat eluded me up to this point in my life, however I see the winds of change lurking and pushing this to happen. I have my own Business which is starting to take off and I am forever Grateful. I do understand not everyone is this lucky however. Some people do find it impossible to get a job or look forward to a career and are economically retarded.

To these people I write this post, It is you that need to change. The winds of change are coming and It is unfortunate but just like nature, you will be forced to change. The world is full of uncertainty and intrigue, you must forge ahead if you want to break the cycle of foreboding doom in your life. You must go to a tech school or college and learn a skill or trade for which you can climb out of your hibernation and break away from the never ending chains of mediocrity.

To affect change and turn life around for the betterment of your self is something that is very difficult. You have generations upon generations of minimizing, blaming, and acceptance going against you. Your family has taught you to; minimize the need to get a job because you will always be poor, do not accept responsibility and blame the government for your misfortune, and finally the acceptance of a life with poor shelter, income, and food.

I speak to you about this today because this is the background I have come out of. I affected change in my life to push forward. I am not in a better position than I was when I started but my mind is free of Mediocrity. You may ask yourself; then why would you do it? I did it because mediocrity are chains that hold you down. These chains brace your soul to the earth with no hope of success. You must change your way of thinking to push forward.

How do you affect change? The fact you just read this is a HUGE start because to get the process started you must in fact realize there is a process to begin with. You must know that there is something better for you in the world. You must look deep inside yourself and tell yourself that you will not be like those before you. You must have the determination to strive forward when everything is against you. You must be courageous enough to fight on when all is lost and you must stop listening to those who help to perpetuate your mediocrity.

I leave you with this, Do you want to feel alive and warm like the summer sun or cold and dead like the Winter Earth?