A New World


Today was a wonderful day 🙂 My car is actually working well but I cant help but think I should still look at getting a new one. I have many things on my mind and with this political climate taking over my day and night I cant seem to think about anything else. This is what brings me our next topic.

A new world is brimming on the sidelines waiting to be put in to the game. I made a prediction about the outcome of the presidency (notice I did not capitalize it)? This presidency does not deserve a Capital P. They must know they are tearing our Country apart? They must be able to feel the negativity? The must be able to hear the distress in our voices?

No, they cannot feel, hear, or see any of it except maybe Jill Stein. She seems more in touch than the others. They cannot feel, hear, or see because they are so out of touch with reality it truly cannot touch them. The absolute negativity around the internet is something I dont believe I have ever seen. One older woman at a meeting asked Pence about a Revolution, I mean seriously? She is going to bare arms against anyone?

I applaud her will; her heart is in the right place. This Country just may need that in order to move on. I find it interesting also, that Russia is threatening nuclear war if Clinton wins. They should take a step back and think about what Assad really means to them. It makes sense that if Clinton wins then in order to move forward in Syria, we would need a no-fly-zone. That is ofcourse if Clinton wins because everyone else is thinking, what are we doing there? Clinton is invested in the current administrations projects and needs to stay there because the man behind the curtain (George Soros) is giving her shot and she cant blow it.

It is truly a shame that many people are going to pay a price and already have because of what we are doing over there. It is a war the American People do not want, but it is one we will fight if we must. I got a little off topic here, I was talking about the negativity in the air, the TV is full of it, Facebook is full of it, the News is full of it, and without a doubt; Donald Trump and HRC are both full of it.

We cannot allow the elections to continue on this way after this one. They are incredibly bloody and really do not benefit anyone. The only way to do that is to elect politicians who have integrity and honesty and who can have a conversation about topics without accusing anyone of something. Speak about what you and you alone have done and are working for, Nada Mas.

So i leave you with food for thought, Should we allow elections to continue like this? If not, we have much work to change it before the next one. Two years folks. If the Russians do not start WWIII before then.