To start, i would just like to say that to the woman who did my hair today, You suck! I mean to take my time up like that, 2 HOURS! I know she did a good job and everything but c’mon girly, speed it up a little bit. Ok, that tantrum is over.

To life life without debt is something that every person in the world should strive for, while that is definitely a first world problem. It is unfortunate that we cannot live without that constant and consistent probing pushing us to earn more, work more, sleep less, own more, or buy more. We need to push away from that life style and learn from others about how great it is to have a beautiful home and not have a 30 year mortgage. To life simple is to be closer to the life that was intended, it affords us the ability to look in on our souls and remove the bad things that rule our lives.

This is not a religious rant gear up to trying to make you repent for your sins. This is a rant designed to help you see that humanity has lost its way, not all of humanity; but some. Can you deny that if you had more time in your day to relax, it would be better for you? To afford ourselves time, money, stress, and sleep; we should learn to live without the distractions that a hectic life can give us.

Rio San Antonio

I absolutely loved this walk through the countryside of Oaxaca, the sites and the smells are incredible. I have many more photos of the beauty of this area, So incredible. For those of you who have never taken the time to walk along a river or stop, sit, and relish the quiet; It is soothing to the soul. There are several things in this life that feel absolutely soul clensing; a stream or a beautiful vista or just taking the time in your front yard to watch the stars at night and dream with no underlying thoughts about money or other things that poison your attention.