A New World


Today was a wonderful day 🙂 My car is actually working well but I cant help but think I should still look at getting a new one. I have many things on my mind and with this political climate taking over my day and night I cant seem to think about anything else. This is what brings me our next topic.

A new world is brimming on the sidelines waiting to be put in to the game. I made a prediction about the outcome of the presidency (notice I did not capitalize it)? This presidency does not deserve a Capital P. They must know they are tearing our Country apart? They must be able to feel the negativity? The must be able to hear the distress in our voices?

No, they cannot feel, hear, or see any of it except maybe Jill Stein. She seems more in touch than the others. They cannot feel, hear, or see because they are so out of touch with reality it truly cannot touch them. The absolute negativity around the internet is something I dont believe I have ever seen. One older woman at a meeting asked Pence about a Revolution, I mean seriously? She is going to bare arms against anyone?

I applaud her will; her heart is in the right place. This Country just may need that in order to move on. I find it interesting also, that Russia is threatening nuclear war if Clinton wins. They should take a step back and think about what Assad really means to them. It makes sense that if Clinton wins then in order to move forward in Syria, we would need a no-fly-zone. That is ofcourse if Clinton wins because everyone else is thinking, what are we doing there? Clinton is invested in the current administrations projects and needs to stay there because the man behind the curtain (George Soros) is giving her shot and she cant blow it.

It is truly a shame that many people are going to pay a price and already have because of what we are doing over there. It is a war the American People do not want, but it is one we will fight if we must. I got a little off topic here, I was talking about the negativity in the air, the TV is full of it, Facebook is full of it, the News is full of it, and without a doubt; Donald Trump and HRC are both full of it.

We cannot allow the elections to continue on this way after this one. They are incredibly bloody and really do not benefit anyone. The only way to do that is to elect politicians who have integrity and honesty and who can have a conversation about topics without accusing anyone of something. Speak about what you and you alone have done and are working for, Nada Mas.

So i leave you with food for thought, Should we allow elections to continue like this? If not, we have much work to change it before the next one. Two years folks. If the Russians do not start WWIII before then.




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I have been tortured recently and at this point in whats going on all you can do is just laugh. This is what I thought until recently. Apparently the truth is surfacing about how badly HRC rigged the primary election. The California Primary was a landslide victory for Bernie Sanders.

There are times in your life when you sit on the wayside and watch as it evolves around you, you are helpless to effect its outcome. Today is not one of those times. Today, we do not need to stand on the wayside and allow corruption to rule us. Today, we do not need to allow the powers that be to run our lives. We can effect the Election today not voting for HRC this November. I do not care who you vote for, I assure you we will be fine; but we cannot let Corruption stand in the way of our Democracy. We cannot allow the powers that be to think they can influence us in this manner.

When I say that I was recently tortured, I mean this; I am seeing so much of Hillary’s influence and Corruption leaking in to my daily life that I cannot believe our country was able to be bought so openly. If you look at everything she has done; she does not need to suffer consequences for her actions. She was obviously behind fixing the Election, who else would benefit? She was obviously at fault to great lengths of deleting emails that needed to be gone through by a government watchdog. She was obviously at fault of sending Bill out to lie to the public about her illness. I do not care if it was a cold, why lie about something so trivial?

The habit of Lying, Cheating, getting her way, and pissing in the face of our Democracy has tortured me. It has left me angry with who I am for letting things get like this. It has left me confused about what I can actually do, It has left me in a tailspin about who to vote for. There is a part of me that thinks Trump is the only one that can beat her and everything she stands for; but honestly, is Trump the solution? Probably not. Jill Stein is a good alternative but the system is so rigged we could not get her in the Debates so she can build a base.

In the end, a protest vote for Trump may be the only thing that saves this country from the corruption that has fixed the Election. You can be sure though, he does not have our best interests in mind, The man has over 500 Businesses; he will improve his bottom line. If you cannot bring yourself to vote for either of the problems that have manifested in our society on either side of the line, Jill Stein is a good person who wants what is best for our Country; this is where my vote is going. I will sleep tight knowing I did what I thought was best for my Country.


    What Will You Do?

Post your comments below, Let me know what you think!

A Problem or A Cure?



Clarion River
Clarion River

First of all i want to say I am sorry, I linked a website for a tow truck company in my last post, as good as I thought they were. They are now out of Business. I have been having more and more car trouble lately and its a real shame that good people go out of Business like that.

Mountains are the focus of this post today, not in the sense these beautiful pictures create but in the proverbial sense of there is a mountain in our way and we need to get past it or it will become our downfall. The political climate here in the states is as of late, Horrifying. It is Horrifying that our presidency has become this thing of nightmares.

The Republican party is led by King Moron, although he must be more intelligent than he is letting on. He has an uncanny way of appealing to the audience, even as insulting as he is. He is a horrible person with no moral grounding to stand on and if elected he will more than likely not make it beyond 4 years. This is the only positive aspect of him that I can think of.

The Democratic party is led by Queen hide everything from plain sight so no one knows what we are doing but we’ll send someone out to talk to the people who will undoubtedly slip up and let everyone know we are hiding something. There are many problems with this candidate and first and foremost she has developed a pathology of Lying, cheating, and does not convey trustworthiness because she cannot tell people simply what is going on with any kind of credibility.

The Richardson camp has good solid policy but lacks any insight in to world events and has proven several times he has 0 world knowledge. The Green Party is as far as I can see the only reliable, trustworthy camp but because of its Left ideals will not appeal to many.  This is an election for the libertarians for sure, if they can rally they stand a chance as most Republicans and Democrats are looking for someone who can appeal to them.

This brings me to our issue; These mountains are a cure or a problem? On the one hand we should be at a place where a third party candidate could seemingly come from behind and clinch a victory in November but the advertising campaigns of everyone in those parties tells the voters that, “Its either blue or Red, there is no room for another because they cant provide the votes”. Well, if the debates would open up to another candidate then there would not be a problem of finding voters.

I believe, what this election cycle will come down to is, Trump will win. The people of these United States and the world will endure Great hardship because of the policies of this man and the seeming rest of the government coming to a complete halt as they will be reacting to his endless whims. This may help the political process over the next 4 years come to a position of openness that allows for more people to be voted for. Our problem is we only have 2 candidates that we can look at and get to know, the media only focuses on the ones that are doing ridiculous things or pays outrageous sums to be listened to.

So my prediction for the next 4 years are heavy rains with some flooding but the sun may come out at the end of the cycle.

The Price of Admission

Arizona, Near Phoenix
Arizona, Near Phoenix


First, I would like to start off by saying, I had some car trouble recently and this guy that showed up was GREAT! They treated me right and Towed my car to a shop so i could get it fixed. Please if you are in south Texas and find yourself stranded on the side of the road give these guys a call; Harlingen24hourtowtruck.com Isidro was a very nice man.

Ok so, now we have covered many topics on this blog, I want to get in to another one. College is a very difficult thing to talk about these days with many schools going straight for sales and trying to get as much of a students money as possible, it is very difficult to say if you should look to college after high school. I personally, would not have changed a thing. Yes, I built up just a ton of student loans; roughly $150,000.00 in loans over 5 years through both online and ground campus. I have learned a lot and i would not change that.

I can say that i am a better person today because of the education i have received. This is not to say that anyone else’s experience will be the same as mine in fact, I talk to many people with a degree like mine and they say it was a complete waste of time; I do not feel this way. My psychology degree has opened my mind to so many different things that I can honestly say it has improved my life 10 fold. I was a very troubled youth, My father killed himself when I was very young.

We each deal with many difficulties through life and  I am quite sure that plenty of other people had a more difficult childhood than me. You should be prepared if you intent to go to college however. If you know off the bat you are going to owe a lot of money, it makes things a little easier, and if you truly believe in what you are going to learn will benefit either yourself or people in general. I very much like to help other people, I knew I wanted to be the reason that someone learned to live another day.

I am so against suicide that it really upsets me when other talk about it, as though they could take their own life. I know the destruction it wrought on my life and I would not wish that pain on another person as long as I live. Sorry I got a little off track. There are many good schools to go to and you should really look in to them! In the first place make sure they have Regional Accreditation, this is the highest you can attain in the U.S. and you can be sure that your education will be worth it.

I went to a school that wanted Regional accreditation very badly and they thought they needed to be particular in their admissions process in order to raise their bar. This is a very big mistake, I went to this school for the program, not the accreditation. They however did not appreciate the work i put forth and in to my learning. I have a learning disability, I must study 3 or 4 times harder than others and i still score badly on tests, I am not a very good test taker. I learn through experience best, putting to use the skills i have learned in class.

I do not know why but i retain very little of what I read. It is as if it goes in one eye and out the other. I started in an online atmosphere and this was a great school, first and foremost they taught me how to interpret my learning habits. They taught me how to maximize my learning potential and push for the gold. My masters level classes were about learning techniques, I have noticed that people who have not done their masters think that all masters courses are the same, they are not. I had a friend who went in to therapy with an educational background. If you do not learn the techniques you will not succeed.

I had an employer that kept telling me with a masters you can do any job, it does not matter. This was a very smart guy for the most part, but he did not understand several things. In my opinion college is worth every bit of time and money you spend in it, if you go to learn. If you go to party, you may as well not go past your Associates. I hope that this discussion has helped some of you decide if you will go to college or not, I implore you to please; Have your head on straight and go to learn. It will also help you to look at it as an investment in yourself. You learn some valuable skills in college that should not be taken lightly. Whatever you learn, apply it to other facets of your life also.

The Season of Change

Pennsylvania Back Roads
Pennsylvania Back Roads

First of all, I want to say i am sorry for not posting sooner, There has been an illness in my family. Things are a little hectic at this point in time, although things are getting better. My step-father was looking at possible lung cancer and Cirrhosis and turned out to be only cirrhosis, Thank the lord; however bad cirrhosis is. Yes it is still bad however, i think we can all agree; Things can always be worse.

Most people say that Autumn is the season of Change as things go from green to the many different colors signifying that things are turning from life to death. I however, feel that Winter is the season of Change because it is there that we see the death or hibernation of life. The true adaptation of life to deal with the foreboding cold of Winter.

This like all of my posts as you can imagine is going to adapt in to a life lesson. The will of life to adapt and overcome change is what life is all about. I hear people day after day complaining about the lack of jobs, when I see an over abundance of work postings from companies hiring. If you do not have the skills to do what is necessary then perhaps you should learn something about what it is that will help you change.

I have been lucky to some extent in life, I have almost always had a job and looked forward to a career. The career thing has somewhat eluded me up to this point in my life, however I see the winds of change lurking and pushing this to happen. I have my own Business which is starting to take off and I am forever Grateful. I do understand not everyone is this lucky however. Some people do find it impossible to get a job or look forward to a career and are economically retarded.

To these people I write this post, It is you that need to change. The winds of change are coming and It is unfortunate but just like nature, you will be forced to change. The world is full of uncertainty and intrigue, you must forge ahead if you want to break the cycle of foreboding doom in your life. You must go to a tech school or college and learn a skill or trade for which you can climb out of your hibernation and break away from the never ending chains of mediocrity.

To affect change and turn life around for the betterment of your self is something that is very difficult. You have generations upon generations of minimizing, blaming, and acceptance going against you. Your family has taught you to; minimize the need to get a job because you will always be poor, do not accept responsibility and blame the government for your misfortune, and finally the acceptance of a life with poor shelter, income, and food.

I speak to you about this today because this is the background I have come out of. I affected change in my life to push forward. I am not in a better position than I was when I started but my mind is free of Mediocrity. You may ask yourself; then why would you do it? I did it because mediocrity are chains that hold you down. These chains brace your soul to the earth with no hope of success. You must change your way of thinking to push forward.

How do you affect change? The fact you just read this is a HUGE start because to get the process started you must in fact realize there is a process to begin with. You must know that there is something better for you in the world. You must look deep inside yourself and tell yourself that you will not be like those before you. You must have the determination to strive forward when everything is against you. You must be courageous enough to fight on when all is lost and you must stop listening to those who help to perpetuate your mediocrity.

I leave you with this, Do you want to feel alive and warm like the summer sun or cold and dead like the Winter Earth?



To start, i would just like to say that to the woman who did my hair today, You suck! I mean to take my time up like that, 2 HOURS! I know she did a good job and everything but c’mon girly, speed it up a little bit. Ok, that tantrum is over.

To life life without debt is something that every person in the world should strive for, while that is definitely a first world problem. It is unfortunate that we cannot live without that constant and consistent probing pushing us to earn more, work more, sleep less, own more, or buy more. We need to push away from that life style and learn from others about how great it is to have a beautiful home and not have a 30 year mortgage. To life simple is to be closer to the life that was intended, it affords us the ability to look in on our souls and remove the bad things that rule our lives.

This is not a religious rant gear up to trying to make you repent for your sins. This is a rant designed to help you see that humanity has lost its way, not all of humanity; but some. Can you deny that if you had more time in your day to relax, it would be better for you? To afford ourselves time, money, stress, and sleep; we should learn to live without the distractions that a hectic life can give us.

Rio San Antonio

I absolutely loved this walk through the countryside of Oaxaca, the sites and the smells are incredible. I have many more photos of the beauty of this area, So incredible. For those of you who have never taken the time to walk along a river or stop, sit, and relish the quiet; It is soothing to the soul. There are several things in this life that feel absolutely soul clensing; a stream or a beautiful vista or just taking the time in your front yard to watch the stars at night and dream with no underlying thoughts about money or other things that poison your attention.