A Problem or A Cure?

New Mexico



Clarion River
Clarion River

First of all i want to say I am sorry, I linked a website for a tow truck company in my last post, as good as I thought they were. They are now out of Business. I have been having more and more car trouble lately and its a real shame that good people go out of Business like that.

Mountains are the focus of this post today, not in the sense these beautiful pictures create but in the proverbial sense of there is a mountain in our way and we need to get past it or it will become our downfall. The political climate here in the states is as of late, Horrifying. It is Horrifying that our presidency has become this thing of nightmares.

The Republican party is led by King Moron, although he must be more intelligent than he is letting on. He has an uncanny way of appealing to the audience, even as insulting as he is. He is a horrible person with no moral grounding to stand on and if elected he will more than likely not make it beyond 4 years. This is the only positive aspect of him that I can think of.

The Democratic party is led by Queen hide everything from plain sight so no one knows what we are doing but we’ll send someone out to talk to the people who will undoubtedly slip up and let everyone know we are hiding something. There are many problems with this candidate and first and foremost she has developed a pathology of Lying, cheating, and does not convey trustworthiness because she cannot tell people simply what is going on with any kind of credibility.

The Richardson camp has good solid policy but lacks any insight in to world events and has proven several times he has 0 world knowledge. The Green Party is as far as I can see the only reliable, trustworthy camp but because of its Left ideals will not appeal to many.  This is an election for the libertarians for sure, if they can rally they stand a chance as most Republicans and Democrats are looking for someone who can appeal to them.

This brings me to our issue; These mountains are a cure or a problem? On the one hand we should be at a place where a third party candidate could seemingly come from behind and clinch a victory in November but the advertising campaigns of everyone in those parties tells the voters that, “Its either blue or Red, there is no room for another because they cant provide the votes”. Well, if the debates would open up to another candidate then there would not be a problem of finding voters.

I believe, what this election cycle will come down to is, Trump will win. The people of these United States and the world will endure Great hardship because of the policies of this man and the seeming rest of the government coming to a complete halt as they will be reacting to his endless whims. This may help the political process over the next 4 years come to a position of openness that allows for more people to be voted for. Our problem is we only have 2 candidates that we can look at and get to know, the media only focuses on the ones that are doing ridiculous things or pays outrageous sums to be listened to.

So my prediction for the next 4 years are heavy rains with some flooding but the sun may come out at the end of the cycle.